Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist


One time someone said to me "I thought you work with Star Beings/Aliens, I'm surprised you have an interest in Angels."  I was shocked to hear this because I've been working with Angels all my life and I have a very deep love for them.  My response:  "Of course I work with Angels."
For me, whether it's an Angel, a Star Being, a Nature Spirit, etc., they are all an integral part of the "community of Light," and they all work (at least the ones I know) toward making things better in the Universe.  To me, all my Light Being helpers are Angels -- no matter what physical, energetic or spiritual form, or name they may be called.  That's why other people's classifications of what is an Angel, Star Being, etc., do not really fit with my own, but I respect that.


Illustrated & Copyright by Homer Castillo
I just love Archangels!!  To me they are like wise elders or older brothers/sisters who oversee everything.   Archangels can have other names too.  My Star People sometimes refer to them as the Naz Azrate' (pronounced Nahz-Ahzrateh).  In English, it roughly translates to "We the Blessed." 
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Illustrated & Copyright by Homer Castillo 

Angels are always there to guide and guard you.  However, I would like to think that there are certain angels whose sole duty is to guard you throughout your entire existence.  In my case, Angel Vayada has been with me and has been my main guardian angel since the beginning.  There are other guardian angels that come and go too.  But many times, Angel Vayada would council and comfort me during countless of physical lives and in between lives in the spirit world.  I remember hearing Angel Vayada's voice giving me comfort when I saw myself crossing over from one of my Atlantean lives.  It was a traumatic experience seeing myself get killed in Atlantis, but Angel Vayada knew what to say to ease my anxiety.   I'm sure your own Guardian Angel is right there with you too.