Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

       What is Homer's Passion?

Homer LOVES to draw Angels, Star Beings, Elementals, and anything that has to do with spirituality and the "Spirit World."   Every time he learns something new, he finds ways to transform that knowledge into some form of art work whether it is a drawing, painting or unique copper object.

Homer also LOVES teaching, traveling, performing healing sessions, interacting with people, and expressing himself musically with his saxophone or keyboard.

One of Homer's deepest LOVES, is his passion for Geography. He likes to study the different cultures and people of the world and can list every country and territory in his head.  His passion for Geography has helped him connect to many people from all four corners of the globe and from all walks of life.  When he meets people from other countries, they are always surprised at his knowledge of their homeland.