Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

What is Homer's Mission?


To spread the love and beauty of God (Source/Universe/Higher Power) to as many people as he can wherever he goes.  He carries out his mission through his expressions in his art work, musical talents, creative copper projects, classes that he teaches, healing sessions and his passion for Geography.



To bring awareness and teach others about the diverse Star Beings of Light.  There are people who have a fear of Star Beings (commonly referred to as Aliens) from what they have heard and seen in the media, or who have had their own personal encounters with Star Beings who "haven't found the Light yet."  Homer would like everyone to know that there are Star Beings full of LIGHT and LOVE and Homer feels that they are the ones who we as a human race should focus on, especially with the changes that are occurring in the world and other worlds today.  The Star Beings of Light really want to help us ascend to higher levels of consciousness.  By doing that, they ascend as well therefore bringing and expanding the higher levels of consciousness to the universe as a whole.  



To help others connect with Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies/Elementals, Spirit Guides, Star Beings, and other various beings of "Light."