Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist
Homer comes from a long family line of psychics, intuitives and healers from both his mother and father's side in the Philippines.  These "special gifts" have been in his family DNA for many generations and available for those in the family who desired to tap into it.  Being intuitive has been a natural way of life for each generation, and each has used their gifts in different interesting ways.

Below are pictures of a few relatives who have had the knowledge & abilities to perform healing and/or intuitive work.

Great Aunts
Illuminada & Anastacia


Great Grandmother Ba-ing

Grandmother Macaria 
w/ daughter Filomena

Since childhood, Homer has had the ability to see, feel and understand things that others around him normally could not.  Coming from a strong lineage of Philippine healers, Homer was raised where intuitive and healing abilities were practiced, acknowledged, accepted and encouraged.  Growing up, Homer was told of the extraordinary abilities that his ancestors possessed and how they used those abilities to help the people in their barrios (villages).

Although Homer knew about his interesting heritage, he didn't really explore it on a deeper level until his college years.  Homer wishes he had spent more time learning about his ancestors and their abilities from his two surviving grandparents before they had passed away in the 1990s.  It was during a very dark period in Homer's life when many of his ancestors (including his grandparents) reached out to comfort him in spirit through a very powerful dream.  It was during that moment when Homer decided to carry on the traditions and legacy of his family.  He asked his ancestors to teach him what they knew and to lead him to people who can teach him the ways of his people.  Homer expected his ancestors to lead him to other Philippine healers (which they did), but they also lead him to others that were knowledgeable about the Star People, his TRUE people.

As Director, Master Practitioner and Teacher of the Light Activation Healing System®, he has taken his passion in healing others to new levels.  Never has he ever experienced a more powerful and life-altering healing modality. Many find the results to be astonishingly profound.  For more information on the Light Activation Healing System® click on the link: "Healing."