Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

Light Activation Foundations

Level I: Foundations of Light Activation Healing System®
Level II: Accessing Sacred Geometry Grid Point Healing Techniques
Level III: DNA Re-Activation
Light Activation Healing System® Mastery
Light Activation Teacher's Training
Light Activation Mystery Schools

Light Activation Teacher's Training is for anyone that has successfully completed Levels I - IV.   Learn the tools to teach Light Activation Healing System® Levels I - III, by becoming a Light Activation Healing System® Teacher.  This course is only for the serious committed practitioner that is ready to step up to teachers level in taking this amazing modality to the world.  It is imperative that this healing system is taught in the highest integrity, and only those that complete all the requirements will receive certification to become a fully qualified Light Activation Healing System® Teacher.  The best way to become a "master" at Light Activation Healing System,® is to teach it!!

A few areas that we cover but not limited to are:

  • Work hand-in-hand with our spiritual teams and those of your students in leading them  through the courses.
  • Learn to teach others Light Activation and DNA Re-Activation healings, both expanded  and intensive styles.
  • Step-by-step process of how to cover the material.
  • Tips on working with a variety of students to ensure everyone grasps the techniques.
  • Information on how to observe your class in general and students individually to know where more attention is required.
  • How to set-up classes, and all aspects that go into advertising, preparing and running the courses.
  • Tips for healing nights, expos and holistic fairs.
  • The complete understanding of both how to do the healing session, teach and assist in sharpening a practitioner's skills even further.

We welcome Mastery Level IV graduates that feel guided to take a large step in their spiritual growth, by taking steps to teach this amazing healing modality. The best way to become an even more seasoned and experienced "Master" at Light Activation Healing System, is to teach it!

We look forward to seeing you step up to your calling.  We are proud to have you standing by our side as one of our fellow teachers, spreading this amazing modality around the world.