Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

Light Activation Foundations

Level I: Foundations of Light Activation Healing System®
Level II: Accessing Sacred Geometry Grid Point Healing Techniques
Level III: DNA Re-Activation
Light Activation Healing System® Mastery
Light Activation Teacher's Training
Light Activation Mystery Schools

Modules / Mystery Schools

The Light Activation Healing System® in itself, is a very large subject.  Beyond the initial basic practitioner courses and Master course, the Light Activation Healing System has a Specialist Level. The Specialist Level is an Ancient, Esoteric and Alchemical Training that consists of 7 extremely detailed modules.  Each of these modules are unique and designed to build upon each other to bring your gifts to accelerated levels.  If you are ready to dive deep into the Universes, beyond all directions of time and space, this could be for you. 
These trainings will change the way you perceive, interpret, align and connect with your worldly and outer-worldly and universal every day experiences.  We wouldn't ever all this a secret society, but we will call it a specialized extraordinary society that will only be offered to those able to work at these high intense levels.
We prefer to keep the details of the modules only available to those who will be participating in this high expertise of training and skill, but below are just a general overview of each module.  An acceptance process is necessary and upon acceptance you will be given details on module inclusions and eventual Galactic Exchange Program.

Light Activation Healing System®  Sacred Geometry

One of the seven Modules/Mystery Schools of the Light Activation Healing System, includes the Mystery School of Sacred Geometry.  Learn the importance of Sacred Geometry in the Light Activation Healing System, but on a cosmic level.  Expanding your consciousness to the Universal level, Planetary Repair, Cosmic Grid Restoration, Activating Portals & Accessing Dimensions, Planetary Power Center Connections, and more!

Light Activation Healing System®  Atlantis

As stated above, Light Activation Healing System (LAHS) is not a new modality. LAHS even precedes Ancient Egypt and has existed during the times of Ancient Atlantis (and further beyond).  The Atlantean people, the culture, the knowledge and the healing methods, originate from many "Star Cultures" from various star systems. Learn about the great wonders of Atlantean civilization and how magical and effective LAHS sessions were. Learn how to conduct healing sessions using just your 3rd eye, Crystal & Etheric Laser Healings, etc..

Light Activation Healing System®  Ancient Egypt

Light Activation Healing System (LAHS), is not a new modality.  LAHS has been around since the times of Ancient Egypt and beyond -- but more than likely, with a different name/names.  During the Ancient Egyptian times, LAHS was used by the healers in many of the healing temples.  Learn about the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Oils, the Great Pyramids and more!  Discover how each one plays an important role in the Light Activation Healing System.

Light Activation Healing System®  Ancient Incan

Another module/mystery school of the Light Activation Healing System, is the Mystery School of the Ancient Incans.  Although galactic in origin, the Incans were also very Earth based in terms of connecting with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and conducting various powerful and sacred ceremonies and rituals. 

Light Activation Healing System®  Ancient Mayan

The module/mystery school of the Ancient Mayan, connects you to unseen planetary/universal dimensions, as well as crystal skulls, liquid crystals and crystal grids, Goddess Ixchel among others, and utilizing numerology via Mayan/galactic technology. 


Light Activation Healing System®  Galactic

The name says it all.  In this module/mystery school, Star Gates, Star Elevators, Sacred Power Centers (Egypt, Peru, Mt. Shasta, etc.), accessing Chakras on the Universal level, Star Races, etc., are just a few things of what is covered in this portion of Light Activation Healing System. 


Light Activation Healing System®  Creator ~ All That Is

The last of the mystery schools for the Light Activation Healing System®, is the Mystery School for All That Is.  This is the culmination & summary that not only ties all 7 mystery schools together, but also the whole Light Activation Healing System in itself.  This is Light Activation Healing System® UNIVERSAL!!