Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

Light Activation Foundations

Level I: Foundations of Light Activation Healing System®
Level II: Accessing Sacred Geometry Grid Point Healing Techniques
Level III: DNA Re-Activation
Light Activation Healing System® Mastery
Light Activation Teacher's Training
Light Activation Mystery Schools

Light Activation Healing System® Mastery

This training is for anyone who has completed Light Activation Levels I - III.  Bring out the healing master within you!  Now that you learned the techniques for Light Activation Healing and DNA Re-Activation sessions, take your abilities to even HIGHER levels.
Pushing to even greater levels of intuition, learn the techniques that will further strengthen, expand, and transform your abilities further than you knew possible. Find the amazing connections between your clients, expanding out into the Universe....seeing how all are truly connected, and open your consciousness to see how things outside your personal space can affect you.

  • Advanced Light Activation Theory Information.
  • Advanced clairvoyance training.
  • Advanced psychic and intuitive training.
  • Advanced self-healings and performing them on others, including plants and animals.
  • Advanced medical intuition body scanning, detections, and communicating with the body.
  • In-depth study of inter-connectedness of the Universe.
  • Learning about your personal spiritual team.
  • Work with the "mainframe system" of high technology located within the crystal realms of inner earth.
  • Understand the multi-dimensions and how they work together.
  • Resolution of repetitious trauma, personal limits, past life, karma, etc. in one easy step.
  • Spot healings, and seeing the paths of entry that cause the dis-ease or illness.
  • Global & cultural healings.
  • Group healings.
  • Bone manipulation.
  • Harmonization and frequency balancing in areas of life that are out of alignment.
  • and much more!!
Accessing this information and discovering how to maximize all areas of the Light Activation and DNA Re-Activation sessions, takes your healing abilities to maximum levels.