Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

Light Activation Foundations

Level I: Foundations of Light Activation Healing System®
Level II: Accessing Sacred Geometry Grid Point Healing Techniques
Level III: DNA Re-Activation
Light Activation Healing System® Mastery
Light Activation Teacher's Training
Light Activation Mystery Schools

Level I: Foundations of Light Activation Healing System®

Learn about the foundation & theory on the Light Activation Healing System.®  You will be taught:
  • Background on Light Activation Healing System®
  • Why people seek healings and the benefits.
  • How to best assist people in healing.
  • How a healing works.
  • How to access the healing frequency and learning the theory of the healing technique application.
  • Understanding the process in working in multi-dimensions and how it benefits the healing.

Course Workshop Fee for Levels I - III:
Investment:  $888
Date:  August 2018
140 Mayhew Way
Suite 100 (Downstairs)
Pleasant Hill, CA