Homer Castillo

  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Galactic Visionary Artist

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Light Activation Healing

About Light Activation Healing
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DNA Re-activation

About DNA Re-activation
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Once Light Activation Healings have been completed, move forward with your DNA Re-activation Sessions.

Light Activation Healing System DNA Re-Activation, is a set of 3 sessions to be completed ONLY after a client has already received their 5 Light Activation Healing sessions. DNA Re-Activation is a noninvasive technique that can be performed either by lying on a massage table or remotely, meaning you do not have to be present to experience & feel the healing sessions.
DNA Re-Activation is a method where meridian lines are cleared in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies. Meridian lines can appear tangled, weakened & blocked due to many issues such as trauma, emotional upset, fear, illness, environmental issues and more. This is not the natural state of our meridians. In clearing, straightening, and strengthening the meridians, they are ready to have DNA Re-activated, which is the next step in re-activation and upgrading one's DNA.

The DNA strands are connected from the Universe using the gridlines into the meridians that run throughout the bodies. This connection is happening at the deepest possible form.  Combining the power of frequency, DNA, and meridian lines, this work is in-depth and life-altering.